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Where it all started.❤

Hey guys,

This post is more about the birth of “The Brown Almond”. The idea and motivation behind it.

So here you go –

  I love writing. I love the idea of noting down memories of life. Its just that i never thought to share it to public until yesterday, 26th March 2017, when making a word cloud for my E-diary it just struck to me that sharing one’s idea to public (or people of same interest to be precise) would not only increase my horizon of life, But also the horizon of people reading my posts.

     This is just the introduction post, i would start sharing my experiences, ideas and thoughts in future posts.

     “The Brown Amond” blog would show you my perspective of things. Any suggestions are most welcome.

     Here i would share posts mostly on creative gift ideas, love, relationships, health and fitness. As the name goes, One has to identify the “Brown Almond viz a viz the Roasted (hardworked) Golden opportunities” in each situation and make the most of it.

The Goldenish brown moments are those where our lord tells us that this is “your areayour field of happiness and specialization” which acts as a stepping stone to success in different walks of our life.

So Guys, Be in the thread and stay tuned for more !!

Happy Readingg !!

-Akshay Iyer.

8 thoughts on “Where it all started.❤”

      1. Yes it shall go a long way, just keep in touch and stay connected.
        Browse more blogs read them sincerely and do not hurry to get hurried stats figures.
        I hope you understand and take it in good spirits.

        Liked by 2 people

    1. Sabina, alleen in de Rosoerndmomkee waren er vrouwen aanwezig. Tijdens het late avondgebed (isha & taraweeh) zijn er wel vrouwen aanwezig in een groot aantal van de door ons bezochte moskeeën. Dank voor de suggesties, we proberen de moskeeën te bezoeken.


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