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Kick the “Monday Blues” over a cup of Coffee !!โ˜•

Hola amigos !!

In the late sunday evenings there comes a mixed-weird-tingling feeling of the upcoming monday (Yes, at that point of time, our good loved sunday turns into monday that feeling is called SMONDAY ๐Ÿ˜‰).Each one of us faces the monday blues.

“The Monday Blue” feeling sometimes gets in our head and spoils the happy-go-lucky mood, overcoming this is very much necessary to get the best out of oneself.

AND this is when the “Coffee” comes into picture. Ohh !! Yess!! Believe me, coffee kick starts your day with a BOOM!! One should have a healthy breakfast always, but especially on monday, this not just boosts your day, but the whole week.

I have a small example here on how different people look at mondays –

1. There are grown ups, office goin people, the business men, the workers, the executives, etc, who see monday as “dreadful” (not always though, coz positivity is the way of life) but once in a while this happens to everyone.The feeling of I HATE MONDAYS.๐Ÿ˜…

2. Then there are College going teens who see monday as their kick start of the day, they are the ones who geneuinely wait for mondays to come after a long weekend. They are inspired by mondays because they wanna have fun in the campus, they wanna meet their crush, girlfriends, boyfriends, BFFs etc. This keeps them away from the monday blues. They are inspired by their own fun mood, their friends who make them happy and the college life. Here they see things working their way, which is what every grown up wants in their life too.

So it is not the monday which makes you worried, it the work you are involved in. If you love what position you are currently into then you wont face the blues.

Your life mantra should be “keep things as simple as that”, yes it may be very complicated to make/do, but idea of it should be loud and clear. Trust me, you would get things sorted.

We overthink on the matters which does not even require our attention. Decisions should be taken quick (yes even i sometimes overthink a lot) but i have learnt along the way that “quicker the decisions, more exciting and fun it is to do”. This would bring you lots of small and happy surprises as things are happeningbon its own way –Organically.

Even a coffee bean takes one full year to reach feom farms to drying to roasting to grinding then finally to your cup. So yes, the journey is long, the process is big but it is worth it and thats life. So for small tasks feel like “the bean would be in the cup by the end of the day” and for bigger tasks ” by the end of your set deadline. And yes don’t leave the process unfinished because you are a winner and not a quitter.

So, GO FOR IT !!

Feel charged up!! Be motivated.!! Have a healthy breakfast !! Develop a healthy lifestyle !! Plan your day out in the mornig over a cup of coffee and cookies !! And be assured that you will have fantabulous day ahead.

Positivity is the key !!


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See you around with the next post soon.

Cheers !!

Akshay Iyer.

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