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❤Being productive, Being Wise❤

Hola amigos,

 A piece of knowledge in the morning always boosts your day.

A bit of addition to your checklist doesn’t make you lose anything. So here you go.

1. Remember that checklist? Do not forget to tick it off!
Seeing your checklist near to completion will always work as a great boost to your confidence. If you were able to accomplish so much already, surely you can accomplish the rest of your tasks?
2: Use of affirmations.
3: Think of internal rewards to congratulate yourself.
Positive reinforcement is always a good thing so do not forget to give yourself a pat on the back when you have completed one of the most fundamental steps to achieving your goal.
Now is the time to start tweeting and instagramming about your latest task. Let yourself in the praise of your loved ones and friends as this will surely get you going and make you winning.
4: Reward yourself materially too !! Do it often.
5: Reassess your goal.
Sometimes, the reason why you have a hard time motivating yourself is because your goal is no longer important. From time to time, you should reevaluate your goal and find out if it still as important or it needs a little redefining.
6: Do you look at the brighter side?
Do not think that there is no brighter side because there always is. If you feel you have hit rock bottom, there is still a bright side. When you are down, there is no way else but up!
7: Look for a role model and your power booster.
8: Search for inspiration.
Always keep searching it. Role models are different from inspiration. Role models are someone you try to emulate and admire. People, things, or places to inspire you are also like goals, though. Why is becoming wealthy your goal? It is because you want to give your parents a chance to retire early. Then your parents are your inspiration.
When you are extremely frustrated about what is happening and you feel like throwing the towel, picture your parents and what they will be like if they have to continue working for years in spite of their frail health. So go for it and find your inspiration.
9: The power of visualization is immense.
It is easier to keep yourself motivated when you are able to visualize reaching your dream. Close your eyes and try to imagine what would happen if you were to reach your goal. How would it feel? What would happen afterwards?
Make it so vivid that you can actually feel the joy of reaching your dream.

10: Proverbs are there for a reason.
11: Talk to children.
Kids say the darnedest things indeed, but they also often have an ingenuous way of seeing things. With their views untainted by cynicism and greed, children can get you back to seeing the world with rose-colored glasses.
12: Carpe diem!
That is Latin for ‘seize the day’ if you have forgotten. Tell yourself that the opportunity your goal represents comes only once in a lifetime. If you do not seize the day – or the moment for that matter – then that chance may never come again.

Are you willing to take that risk?

13: Think of the last time you worked against all odds – and won.
You are a powerful person yet sometimes you may need to remind yourself of it. If your confidence has taken a nosedive for any reason, think back of the last time that you worked against all odds. Think of the time that no one had your back and only you had faith in yourself. Think of the time you had taken the role of an underdog – and won.
You did it then. You can do it again. Just believe!
14: You can join the motivation seminars now and then.
15: Remember the little things.
Motivation is also a matter of point of view. If you are tired of working or doing something for the sake of achieving your goal alone, then do it just for the sake of it.
Do it because you are having fun doing it. Do it because you love it and it makes you feel good. Sometimes, the journey counts more than the actual destination.
16: Keep a gratitude journal.(This surely helps)

 For each day, try to think of as many things as you can that you are sincerely thankful for.

If you feel that you have absolutely nothing to be thankful about, then you are wrong. You are alive, aren’t you? You can still read this and perhaps take up a pen and write your first post in your thank you journal, can’t you? Then that already gives you three reasons to be thankful about.

: motivation is a matter of perspective. If you cannot see it from one angle, then you probably could in another. Change and challenge your perspective.
17: Are you tempted to give up? Do more.
When you feel like you have reached the end of your tether, make one last big push by doing 5 more. Or if you are just one step away from giving in to exhaustion or sleep then do just 2 or even just one more!
You may not have completed your schedule for today, but knowing that you gave it your best is enough to give you an energetic and motivated for the next day. Keep moving! Keep achieving!
18: Failure is not an option.

Granted, you are not stuck in the moon, flying in a rocket, but does it really matter? You just have to imagine yourself in the same back-against-the-wall scenario and that is sure to be motivation enough to work hard.

Earlier, you have learned how it is to get past failure and the importance of not beating yourself up about it. Even so, that does not mean you can get away with never worrying about it.
19: Never say never – unless it is to say you will never quit.
Yes indeed, you may change tactics, rest for a while, and redefine your goal but none of those means you are quitting. Never should never be a part of your vocabulary – even if that sounds contradictory; the moment you start entertaining doubts is the moment you start losing.
20: Dude, Aim to be better and not perfect.
Aiming to be perfect is like aiming for the moon. You will never be able to reach for it with your hands. But what you can do is to improve yourself and make yourself or your situation better.
You may not be able to reach for the moon, but if you were to arm yourself with a telescope, then the moon could get closer to you instead.
21: Hope for the best but prepare for the worst. ( you have read it everywhere)
Motivation can be a double-edged sword. On one hand, it can pierce the clouds of depression and doubts away and especially when your motivation pays off and you succeed in what you are trying to achieve.
But what if you do not get what you want? Motivation can end up hurting you by setting yourself up for a fall. This will happen if you have also not prepared yourself for the worst.
Preparing yourself for the worst just means that you at least have considered the possibility – and taken the necessary steps for dealing with it.
22: Do it – no matter how long it takes.
It is very important that you do not give up on your goal just because your route to success turned out to be longer and more twisted than expected. That is the card life has dealt you so deal with it and – again – move on.
23: Do not allow any source of frustration, problems, or depression get worse. Eliminate it right away.
If there is anything troubling you and making it difficult for you to stay focused and motivated – get rid of it right away. Nip it in the bud and do not wait for it to turn into a full-fledged disaster.
24: Think of all those who did not reach as far as you did.
If you were to crow out loud about your victories, then this would be boasting. But you are not. You are just quietly reflecting on how far you have gone and what you have achieved that others cannot.
Sometimes, a person has a tendency to keep on comparing himself to those he feel is better than he is that he fails to realize how much he himself has done more than the others.

When you realize that, you will see for yourself that accomplishing more than others does not make you better. You just happened to be luckier, perhaps, or more patient. The same goes for those who have done more than you.

Motivation is also a matter of time. You will get your goal – you just have to work hard and keep your eyes on your destination. Focus! Focus! Focus!

Conclusion :
At the end of the day, there is one final thought that you should remind yourself of when contemplating your next step:
The only difference between a man who succeeded and a man who failed is that one of them stopped trying.

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