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🌅Positive vibes, positive you !!🍹

​Yess !! Its you who have to make a change in your living and start looking the life more positively.
The following is a list of sentence starters that launch good vibes. (I’m sure you could add more.) Consider deciding to add some of them to your conversational routine, especially if it feels like your close relationships need a bit of rekindling, and see what happens:

Yes, going swimming sounds great.” [“Yes… but..” has the opposite impact;but negates the positivity of the Yes.]

 I agree…

“I agree that it’s too hot to do any exercise other than swimming today.”

 I appreciate…

“I appreciate your willingness to pack a lunch.”

 Thank you for…

“Thanks so much for getting me moving. I was stuck on my couch all day.”

 I like (love, enjoy) …

“I like that suit! Looks terrific!”

 That makes sense to me…

“Bringing lunch makes sense to mebecause the food at the pool is so expensive.”

 I’m pleased (happy, delighted) that… 

“I’m delighted that you invited those guys to join us.”

 Good! (Excellent! Great! Wow! Cool! Terrific!, etc.) 

“Great! Let’s hop in the car.”


These open-ended question words convey warmth and positive views of the other person: “How have you felt about driving since your accident?” “What have you heard lately from your Mom?” 

 Positive non-verbals.
Positive words have even more impact when spoken in an enthusiastic tone of voice, with positive facial expressions. Smiles, laughter, playfulness, “eye hugs” from eye contact—and, with intimates, hugs and other physical expressions of affection—go a long way toward generating good feelings.

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-Akshay Iyer.

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