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Hola amigos,

The summer is here. And it is damn HOTTER this year, hotter than beauty queens of the world (pun intended).

But yeah, on a serious note, this is the season which alot of people dislike(including me) and there are “N” number of reasons for it. Like from dehydration to tan to pimples to loss of enthusiasm etc etc.

So here are a few tips to BEAT THE SUN and revive and rehydrate your body. Follow these routines in order to keep yourself in a well maintained condition (Fit, Fiddle and Best).

1. Hydrate yourself (and do it quite often) – Start off your day by drinking atleast 2 glasses of waterand keep drinking at each meal, as well as before and after your workout, to stay hydrated.

The summer heat makes you more suspectible to dehydration. Also do keep water reminders if you are the kind of person who only drinks water when “Thirsty”. There are many apps on playstore to help you do this job (No suggestions, choose the one which fits best for you).

2. Oh yes, Snack at work –

Take snacks in your bag to graze throughout the day at work. Because almost everyone knows, when you eat more often, five to six times per day, ypu are more likely to stay energized and far leas likely to overheat yourself.

3. Avoid sweet tea, instead, start having green tea-

Skip the box teaand opt for brew-it-yourself or a tea bag type tea.

Have lots of fruits too.. ALOT, its healthier.

The natural components in green tea boosts your metabolism.Fast, east and healthy. 

4. Cook meals together –

Summer heat can be a topic to chat on and to start cooking with your friends some tasty lip smacking dishes.

You never know, your better half could help you too to get your lunch done on a sunday, turning out to be a romantic sunday.😉

Making cupcakes, lemonade, chilled variety of food would make your day.

5. Drive your way –

Spontaeity often leads to the best memorable holidays. Have a good summer vacation. And if not that, plan your weekend in advance and JUMP in the car for a trip and see where the road takes you.

Go dive in the pool or relax at the beach with your goggles onn..!!

6. Get some time just for “Yourself” –

Yeah, nobody around , just you, some popcorn and tv … Relaxxx !!

Or, try gardening in the early morning, which gives you peaceful time to plan ahead for the day ( with the background humming of birds, ahh PURE PLEASURE)


Drink a lot of fluids. Yess!! Thats the idea of being hydrated. If you don’t drink much of water then try different juices everyday, twice – in the morning and the evening. It gives you dual benefit of HYDRATION and HEALTH.

So yeahh, beat the heat🌅 and get along your beat🎤🎵🎶

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Thankyou for your time. I appreciate that !!

Photo courtesy – pixabay.

Happy Reading !!

-Akshay Iyer.

(Coffee lover. Traveller. Movieismyfirstlove. Enthusiast. Foodie.)

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