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🏝Wanderlust? TRAVEL? Pack your bags and Bounce off ..whooshh🏖

Today i would like to share about TRAVEL and the rejoicing benefits attached to it.

Everyone has a pet passion, and if you go and survey people around (or may be even your friends), 6/10 people would say their pet passion is to TRAVEL (whether they mean it or not). They say so, beacause travelling has touched them or created a place in their memory box which ignites passion in them to travel more.

Travelling resurges your mind and soul. You feel at peace. Relaxed and just enjoying the moment.

1. More travel, more passport stamps (ignites spark in you)

Oh yess !! It does makes you more mentally happy. Travelling overseas not just gives peace, but also (THE STAMPS on it, the memories, new people to bond with, photos, stories to share and lot more).

2. Stress Buster !! Also, It Boosts Your Mental Health

It reduces youe stress level to a great extent, MAGICALLY !! Research says, having something to look forward to, even if it’s a two-day trip, can feel rewarding. “Travellers and vacationers there”, also less likely to experience stress and more satisfaction with their overall mood and outlook after returning from a trip compared to non-travellers. 

Stress reduction is one of the most important benefits of travel, Travel surveyers say 70-80 percent of vacationers found they could let go of stress and just relax after only a day or two into their short trips. Pulling yourself out of your daily routines and discovering new surroundings resets your mind, body and your soul.

Ohh and you know?? (Obviously you do😉) – You can experience a boost in happiness even while planning a trip (Days/weeks before setting off to your destination). Thats interesting huh? 

3. Super Engaging stories to tell.

You experience, you gain, you share, you laugh !! Soak up those experiences-they’re memories in the making. And that’s what life’s all about.
Although it can be grueling if you don’t get enough rest in between trips, think about the big picture and all you could benefit from it if you do it right. You may find that spending a lot of time exploring things is just what you wanted in your life.

4. Incredible Distance, Incredible you !!

 Travelling these distances just make you even better and opens you up to the world of possibilities. It broadens your horizon (and obviously, your social circle too)
5.Travel also prioritizes your health, strangely true huhh??

It’s never going to be easy to incorporate workouts into your lifestyle. So travel (Walk, run, play, dance, chill) and the pumped up feeling in your vacation will definately make you build better health. Building up this good habit will serve you well down the road should you ever find yourself juggling commitments and struggling to find gym time then just pack your bags, eat healthy, walk to places (capturing selfies along the way, obviously) and explore !!

6. Being accustomed to different cultures

Some places have more modern cultures while others have traditional beliefs and customs. Different cultures exist everywhere. As a traveller, it’s your duty to respect the culture of the people and the places you visit. 
Its a learning process in its own! Experiencing different cultures can also be enlightening and educational.Learning about other’s lives and customs deepens our understanding of ourselves and of our world. It teaches us respect and is humbling in many cases. And the most it makes you a appealing human being.

Culture passed down from one generation to the next. Learning the culture of different peoples can reveal how people see themselves in a group. Culture is defined to be a different way of life at different places. Cherishing those is in itself a heartning feeling.

7. Confidence Booster:

Being in a place where you do not know anyone will assist you to gain confidence and presence of mind. You will develop the ability to cope with obstacles, which will make you a confident person and help you grow as a person.

It helps you aquire the courage to know new things as much as possible in as less time available (Before going to the routines, try and get the best memory, clicks and friends)

8. Original and Creative Thoughts comes when you are relaxed !!
Breaking the routine and going on a vacation makes you happier and wiser. Also it is believed that if someone gets out of their comfort zone, the mind gets more creative. To develop new neural connections that trigger original and creative thoughts, you must explore new places and break out of your daily lifestyles.

9. Do it !! Just to tick your “Bucketlist” 

Travelling are sometimes small things with big hidden surprises for us which makes it even more sweeter.Having a travel “to-do” list and crossing things off that list keeps you motivated and positive. That list can include things like visiting certain locations or accomplishing something such as climbing a mountain or becoming conversational in the language of your next destination. Achieving those goals also increases confidence and gives a sense of success. So yeah, tick off your list..!!

Explore the places !! Explore yourself !!

Photo courtesy – Pexels and pixabay

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Happy Reading !!

-Akshay Iyer.

(Coffee lover. Traveller. Movieismyfirstlove. Enthusiast. Foodie.)

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