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😍Charisma, You Know It When You See It..!!😍

❤Be charismatic, Be spontaneous, Be the positivity around.❤  Why?

Because People get impressed by your actions, stunned by your behaviour and attracted towards you .

“Charisma, you can’t buy it, you can’t make it, you definately can’t fake it.”
Difficult? Not your cup of tea?

How to be charismatic?

Here you go,
1. Relax Your Way To The Top 

RELAX !! Yes, you heard me right. Every single person in your life tells you, “Relax and things will get sorted”. Well, that is fortunately (or unfortunately) true.If you are looking to be charismatic, then the first and foremost thing that you have to do is to actually learn to relax. Some people try too hard to be charismatic, but only end up making a fool of themselves. This is not something that you would want to do. Learn to channelize peace and tranquility to everyone you know and meet. This will help you seem extremely calm and a lot more attractive.  Learn from the mistakes of others and bring it to your advantage. When you master the art of relaxing in a social setting, among your friends, your mentors, you automatically exude charisma. It’s a known fact that people love to be around people who are calm and composed.  With a personality of this sort, apart from wanting to be with you, people may even aspire to be like you. So improve yourself each day, each moment coz nobody is perfect.

2. Be a KING/QUEEN, charisma will follow

A beautiful quote by the badshah of bollywood, shah rukh khan- “A King is not the one who TAKES, king is the one who GIVES”. But where does a king earn from? He earns from every “Opportunity” he gets. This should be your tagline to live with, and the rest will follow. 

Living by this motive makes you a “Good person” and ofcourse charismatic too. Charisma sparks up your day (and life too)

3. Remind you !! Being confident is a different thing.

Don’t get it wrong. While being confident can be easily mistaken for being charismatic, there is a very distinct difference between being confident and being charismatic. Charisma is that quality that makes you seem like you have an extremely attractive personality, and confidence is that quality that adds to your charisma. Appearing confident can make you seem extremely charismatic, because your confidence apart from acting like a magnet will also help put the others around you at ease and create in them a desire to be around you. Here, however, you will have to take a lot of care to stay away from going overboard, because while confidence is one thing, overconfidence is a different thing altogether and it’s that one quality that no one can really be fond of.

4. Give your complete attention.

Listening, Peaceful listening is what a few people do. Put your stuffs away, and be into them, be into the ZONE completely.

Make it a point to smile while you are talking. This will help add quite a lot of appeal to your personality.The gift of full attention is something which only few people could give. Be that person and see the magic happen.

5. Being calm and Considerate 

Equal and opposite reaction. You are truly a considerate person when you treat others around you just the way you would want to be treated. You wouldn’t want to be discriminated against under any grounds, so then there is no reason why you should treat one person differently from the other. Exercise this behavior pattern in your day-to-day life and watch how people are attracted to you like bees are to honey.

6. The Right attitude and the right words-

You should speak smart. Being passive is not the kind of behaviour which a charismatic person has. A calm, gentler way, speaking to the point is what you need to learn. “Less is more”, the tag line goes a long way in framing your personality.

7. Negativity? You probably don’t want that around-

Yes, Have you heard an influential speaker talking negative about life ??-probably not, because they always maintain a kind of positivity around. Speaking good about others, ignites the “Happy” feeling in and around. And that is the kind of atmosphere everyone desires. Happy. Calm. Engaging. Smooth. So inculcate this behaviour in you and see the difference. Social narcissism is not what you want to be in.

8. The One who Reciprocate praise, and takes the blame.

A compliment is what you love to hear, so you should give that in return too. The person standing will keep that in his mind for quite some time, and when someday (long after) while in a party, meeting, event, when someone speaks about negative about you, you probably would have a saviour around.

I am reminded of the quote from john maxwell “A good leader is a person who takes little more than his share of blame and a little less than his share of the credit”.

Charisma is something you build over time, and you cherish forever.

Being humble is very powerful and not everyone could be that way. So, Believe in yourself, believe in the magic of positivity around and maintain a kind of aura you wish to see in other person.

Photo courtesy – pexels free images

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-Akshay Iyer.

(Coffee lover. Traveller. Movieismyfirstlove. Enthusiast. Foodie.)

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      1. hahaha..That is nice..I am sure now your definition of charisma would change too..In fact I think should also start wearing those chamekte hue safed kapde…Do you think it can create a mind blowing…hahaha..

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  1. You sound genuinely surprised that Osborne is bailing out the bankers and their filthy rich creditors and that it is seriously contracting the economy. Th#t1a82&7;s his job. It’s called class struggle.


  2. ez popperesnek hat, de nem valoszinu, hogy eredeti Popper irasmu. az “ÃÃ-g¶¶dfattya”rra tobb talalatot is ad a google, ez meg onmagaban nem kizaro ok.imho: a Pilinszky idezet az, amibol kiindulva erdekes kovetkeztetesekre lehet jutni, pl. arra, hogy ezt valaki osszeollozta Popper korabbi cikkeibol, konyveibol.


  3. Good luck with the asaaprgus- ours took 4 years to fully establish and begin producing! If you have some secret master plan to get your patch(es) going, I’d love to hear them. BTW, we mulch, stir in compost and lyme (slightly acidic, clayey soil to start with), and let plenty of stalks go to seed but would still like to see our crowns go wild.


  4. Hi Te!!9rrYou&#3i;re really clever!! I like your Sorbet a lot!!…I've got a Guava plant growing in my house in Italy!! Hope it will fruit one day!!…I'm here in Bristol, a bit tired, but really positive! Hope to find something soon!A big hug!Laura


  5. The difference between the best word and the almost apaipprrote word is much more than just a fine line! it’s like the difference between a lightning bug and the lightning!


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