🍕🍹🍟Forever Foodie🎂🍷🍨

A Foodie from mind – A Foodie from heart.

The signs you love to eat goes much beyond the regional and political boundaries. And there is no preference for food as such, you love to taste every delicious item in you way atleast once.

Being a foodie makes you fat? NOO! Get out of the stereotypes, one should maintain a balance between Food and Workout. Food rises your calories and workout reduces the same. So find the awesome BALANCE between the two and relish your food.
Foodies are labeled according to their hobby for eating. Well, food. But not just any food though, foodies acquire their recreational appreciation for eating through a wide variety of foods.

It is found that those who treat food as a hobby are healthier than those with restricted and composed eating styles. Foodies are lighter, healthy and more joyful.

You are what you eat.🍔 

You eat what you love.❤

You love what you tempt for.😋

What you tempt for is what is delicious.🎂

What is delicious is FOOD.🍕🍨🍟

Here are few thoughtful foodie facts-

1. Sharing is caring? Naahh, not with food!

Sharing is never a rule when it comes to food. The rule “What’s mine is mine, and what’s yours is also mine applies with food” 😁

We share love BUT not food. SO stay backk!!😉

2. People judging me? Aahh, I don’t care!

A Foodie never thinks what people will think of him or her. They are totally in DEEP LOVE with food and getting all of it is what matters.😁

Judge me, criticize me, do whatever, but don’ t just interrupt me while eating.

3. Hunger strikes quite often.

(While in office)

He- Hey i’m hungry, wanna join me to the canteen?

Me – I ate half an hour ago.

He- Ohh mahn!

Me- No worries dude, I’m hungry by now. See you in 5 minutes .😆

4. Amazement at its best.

You will be amazed by the knowledge on food that person has. And the regret that you have not explored the FOOD WORLD yet!

A Foodie has tried all items, the Indian, the Italian, the Chinese and what not. You just love the idea of being around food.

5. A Foodie won’t depend on others.

You can cook for yourself and feed your hunger whenever you want to. Afterall no compromise with your first love.

Little tiring, but the reward is your DELICIOUS FOOD. So chuck it, and do it!

6. Adding a new food to your plate every week. Sounds interesting huh?

Oh yeah, this is what you need to spice up your taste bud. “Adding new food to your meal shakes things up a bit.”

Even if you are on a diet plan, “Cheat Day” a week is just fine and would just make you even more health concious, the next time you run on a treadmill.

7. Always Planning your meal.

While you are having some delicious four coarse gourmet lunch, you have already started thinking for your dinner.

8. You are the official restaurant recommender in your friend circle.

Your buddies planning in for a party? 

You definately recieve a call, coz they know you have tried ouy all the best eating places in your neighbourhood and  all other neighbourhood in town or may be even more😉

9. You leave no stone unturned!

You don’t believe in keeping any regret when it comes to food. You want to cover as much stuffs as possible.

10. You love taking food pictures.

You take a lot of pictures of food. And i mean alot. A Foodie can’t wait to show a new dish he had the other day which was lip smacking. He recommends it in your circle instantly and can’t wait to get your honest reviews on it. May be he would join you again the next time you wanna go😉

11. A Food post is a must.😂

And just like me, you can’t wait to make others also fall in love with food. Afterall you get a good companion to hang out with😉.

Ohh and yeahh, if you are a foodie, your best friends turns out too, and so does his/her best friend, and the chain continues😉
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Happy Reading!

Article Posted @thebrownalmond

-Akshay Iyer.

(Coffee lover. Traveller. Movieismyfirstlove. Enthusiast. Foodie.)

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25 thoughts on “🍕🍹🍟Forever Foodie🎂🍷🍨”

  1. I probably don’t qualify as a foodie. I mean, I enjoy good food, and I’m frequently hungry five minutes after I finish a meal… but food always seems to taste so much better if I’m not the one preparing it. 😄

    Liked by 3 people

    1. You probably are one of those LAZY foodie @Quirky girl😁
      Btw “Frequent Hunger” is the core essence of a foodie, so you definately qualify as one😉
      Thanks for stopping by!
      Keep Enjoying good food.

      Liked by 1 person

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