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❤🌄”A Dream within”🏰❤- (A Story hidden inside a story).

There is a short story hidden inside this story. Read till the end and find the hint box for more.🎁

SHE is a chirpy and cheerful girl who loves to keep a small friend circle and do all the fun stuff she could with her small group of friends, like dancing, acting, travelling, partying and all the stuffs people do in their weekends and vacations. But even though she liked a small circle of friends, she had a lot of fan following because betty’s mom and dad had their own empire which earned in millions and was a very renowned business chain in japan. But she was different from her mom and dad, she preferred small happiness over the BIG million earnings. Betty was happy with the travel time she used to spend with her friends, long gossips, chit chats. Everything was going fine,Until one day, she felt some strange horrible feeling when sitting alone and thinking of her future life.

it the late night chat which she had with her best friend which ia disturbing her? Was it the comments which had hurt her? Was it the fight which she had? What was it, she was damn disturbed about it.. And the reason still a mystery.

“Families are like fudge – mostly sweet, with a few nuts”  -Unknown

SAD and crushed because there happened a shocking incident. It was nature’s way of destruction. The TSUNAMI had hit. The unfortunate and sudden death of all her relatives in that tsunami had left her alone and BAFFELED. Betty was completely LOST. She was struggling to live even a normal life now, as compared to the royal life she used to live in. Thousands of people died. And unfortunately all her relatives too had died or went missing after the nasty tsunami which hit japan leaving BETTY the only survivor in her family.

UNTIL one day some chain of MIRACLES happened💫. All her sadness were turning into happiness again,because she found that her little sister RHEA is alive and was found in a hospital. Betty’s happiness knew no bounds. And Also from the business angle, she had the support of her best friends whom she blindly relied on. They helped her to set things up in her life to normal, they helped her in handling her business, which she was very bad at. They came with some good recovery ideas, and gave all the support they could without any thing in return. She even asked them, what could she do for them for all the support they gave, but they just refused everything with a smile. Her friendship was all that they wanted. This made her feel even more comfy and relaxed.❤

SHE even got the support of the business heads, for the business her parents used to handle. The vice-president, the manager, everyone helped her understand the business and advised to cope up with it asap. She had to learn business now, betty had to think from a business angle and learn new tactics and methods to survive.

“In every dispute between a parent and a child, both cannot be right, but they may be, and usually are, both wrong. It is this situation which gives family life its pecuiliar hysterical charm – Isaac Rosenfeld

REALIZED THAT this is the only source of her living and the golden opportunity she had to live a rich life again she started handling her family business in the way she could.

HER positivity and enthusiastic attitude towards her work made her grow along the way. It took a few months to get a hold of the work she was doing. And to everyone’s surprise betty was doing well.

BEST FREINDS could be always relied on”, blindly. This was the mentality she had (and even many of do have the same TRUST factor when judging our bestest friends). They made huge profits in the first year of handling the business. They had made it. The family business was on track and even better off.And without any hesitation she made a decision to take 3 of her best friends, Alan, Rose, and Bryan as a partner-director in her family business. And this was rather fine, because they were the ones who gave her best advice and business knowledge when she had ZERO knowledge about what to do in life after that incident.

CAN’T happen this way. This is completely wrong she thought. Had it not been the fight she had with ROSE one day, everthing was getting on track. But the fight was huge and out of no where. WHY , WHY THE HELL DID IT HAPPEN? Betty was upset with it. Her friends had made the decision to backstab her and takeover the full business in their control. This was cruel, but money was all that they could see.

KILL HER DREAM, trouble her mentally and use her weak points to their advantage and force her in very way possible – was their (Rose, alan and bryan) plan to takeover the business. So they decided to “Kidnap RHEA”. Keep my money ready- said the KIDNAPPER to rose on a call. Betty was not ready to give her business to their friends in any way. Afterall it was HER family business. Refusing which, Rose, alan, and bryan had thought to forge the business WILL/AGREEMENT in their name and planned to forge betty. They made betty to sign the WILL and stay a peaceful life ahead with no trouble from them, which betty did because she had no other choice, she was at the forcefully influenced by her friends to sign the documents. Taking the matter to the court will only worsen her life. She already had gone thorugh a lot in the past, hencd she signed the agreement. HER life had again become dreadful, betty never thought their friendship would be ruined this way. 

OF BEING RICH again was her dream. Even if not in mind, but Business was in her blood. Even though she was not ready for it, but still she had that spirit and feeling that one day she would do something BIG like her parents.

AND its time for some big life decisions. But how? I don’t have enough money do start my business with. I’m hardly able to afford good stuffs for me and rhea. She was angry on all of them and her soul was completely disturbed. She cursed everyone and herself for things happening this way. Betty, from childhood, used to believe in MIRACLES and MAGIC (She had a deep love for FAIRY TALES and MYSTERIOUS STUFFS).

The way she loved these kind of super human things and the miracles in the films, she had this thought in mind that one day a miracle would happen to me also. BUT BIG MIRACLES don’t happen that often, Realizing which she went to sleep.

ITS the SAME night being disturbed, she woke up in the middle of the night went to the store room where betty used to keep all the lovely and memorable stuffs and used to spends hours there lost in all the memories she had with her family, her best friends and every other person she loved.

TIME flies relishing at these memorable stuffs she thought. STORE room was her treasure box . She has designed a great store room where she found LIFE. She found instant happiness in that store room. “SHE IS ALIVE AGAIN” was the feeling she got when in that room. Only her best friends and her family member knew about the store room treasure. And in that box there was a KEY given by her father to keep it safe always, but she never found the lock matching for it to open.

FOR her still the room was full of life because of the memorable stuffs in the room. That night when she went into the store room after waking up in the middle of the night, betty sat down and started looking at all the pictures, she noticed a very strange thing. Betty was looking, young and cheerful and happy. It is when she realized that the fire in the chimney was turned off because of wind.  Re-ignite the fire, she went near the chimney, where she noticed a small door which she had never seen before or never thought of glancing at it. SHE had found the REAL treasure. So The room Not only had Her memories but her father had kept his life savings written in a WILL in the locker of the store room and a lot many gold coins just for her baby BETTY and RHEA. There was a small door besides the chimney where all those REAL treasures were kept. It was their door to GOLD. And Betty had finally found them, the DOOR to the TREASURE.

HER excitement knew no bound .The first thing was to tell her little sister about what she got. She ran all the way to her and told her everything about how she found the treasure. Difficult to believe she trusted Betty and went with her to the store room and was astonished by the same. There were lots of gold coins, jewellery, and a will which was enough to live a super luxurious life.

COMEBACK time – Betty thought. It was the time to utilize the opportunity and gain  some self respect, money and fame for her self and rhea and make their family proud. Its was the GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY she had to grow in her life.

What happened that night was miraculous. One day changed their whole life. It was their good deeds which made them a way through their difficult times.

“We must take care of our families wherever we find them” – Elizabeth Gilbert

And after few years, she became a successful business woman and rhea too joined her in the family business and they cherish those happy moments and thank their parents for whatever they did.

Their parents did whatever they could, they were ready for every situation of life and had created all the savings they could give to their children when not around them so that they do not suffer.

Your family is your sole TREASURE. 

❤Cherish it now. Cherish it forever.❤

Happy. Alive. Pure. Blessed.
(This story is completely my way of thinking, picturization and narration and any resemblence with others is purely co-incidental).

Quote courtesy -to their respective authors.

Photo courtesy – Pexels free images.

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The story was of the girl and her changing life situations and the hidden story was on – how her best friends backstabbed and betrayed her.

Did you get the hidden story inside it? Was it an interesting way to sunmerize? How do you play with words? Add in your reviews in the comments section below.

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