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❤The Qualities of a Potential Life Partner ❤

We are still unaware of what is in the store for us in future. Yeah! That’s life. As young adults we may not be knowing as to who we are going to marry, still we have made a pretty good list of qualities we are searching for. And if you are in a serious relationship and not just dating, then you probably found some qualities you were looking for in your would be partner.

Now the list I’m writing is not a little girl’s wish list or a lil boy’s dream list. Consider it as a friend’s advice given to Deepika Padukone after she broke up with Ranbir Kapoor 😉

We are not in the teenage zone, we are the young adults who should be able to take good life decisions which they would cherish in future.

“The greatest happiness of life is the conviction that we are loved, loved for ourselves, or rather, loved inspite of ourselves -Victor Hugo”

Soooooooo, Here you go!

  1. Is quite Intelligent.

Smart people are rare to find. And if you have got one, hold on to it. Smart and Intelligent people don’t just offer insightful advice, they also help you make some great life choices. Yes! We often need a guidance of someone who is intelligent than us, and if you could find that in your partner itself then that’s awesomeeee!!

2. Unconditional Love.

You have read it in every article which you came through, didn’t you?

Because that’s 100% true! The funda is simple – Do your mom demand anything in return for the help she gives you 24*7? NO.

Your father fulfilled all the wishes you had as a child, didn’t he? Even now he sees your ambition as his own. He gives you all the assistance he could.

Your sister/brother, it would be the 1000th fight you may be having with him/her- still your bond is unbreakable.

Why? Why? Why?

Because they don’t demand anything in return. They are selfless. They are always helpful. They consider your problem as their own, and when it is that way then, there has to be a solution for every problem.

Likewise, Your partner should treat you like his/her family member and do all the stuffs he/she would do for his/her family. May it be, making difficult choices in life, buying you a stuff that you always needed (NEEDED, and not WANTED), fulfilling your aspirations, sharing golden memories with you, etc etc, the list is infinite. Hope you got the point.

3. You don’t want unnecessary restrictions in your life, do you?

The person you marry should be calm and cool by heart. He/she should be easy going and should not be putting unnecessary restrictions on you, you don’t need that kind of negativity around.

You can ask any of your friend who is in a tough stage of relationship where his/her partner has lost trust and is constantly nagging, checking the phone, stalking, etc etc, life is already tough, you don’t want it to be any worse.

4. Compromises

Your potential partner should be an understanding light hearted person, who is always looking for ways to make you happy. Ohh! That surprises from your better half is just so amazing and heartening.

You wanna go to a musical concert you love, and he wants to sit in and just enjoy the cricket semi-finals, but just to make you happy he misses the match and picks you up from office and you enjoy the concert together then you go on a dinner date and finish it with a delicious deserrt and some super romantic talks. That is the kind of guy you are looking for, isn’t it?

“And remember, as it is written, to love another person is to see the face of god – les Miserables”

5. Satisfies you in bed

Yes! Lets not hide it. Whether you accept or not, this is something really important.

If you are not satisfied with your partner in bed, then chances are you are going to find that pleasure somewhere else.

While you are in a long relationship you should be open in all ways with your partner. The conversation should be mature. And you should accept each others view points and desires.

6. Alcohol and socializing

Yeahh! Alcohol and socializing goes hand in hand. Parties are incomplete without alcohol. But at the end it is everyone’s personal preference about drinks.

Some enjoy drinks, some don’t. If your partner is not able to handle 4 shots of vodka and is making things embarassing for you then you should NOT drink at all rather than creating a scene after few shots.

You have 2 choices with you, either act as a babysitter or avoid those kind of situations.

7. Loves your Flaws

Showcasing his/her strength is fine, but he/she should be ready to accept your imperfections. That is where the essence of relationship lies.

He/she should be mature enough to understand that each person has his own qualities and strengths, accept it and groove onn!

8. Shares Same values

Having important things in common can help you build a strong ground for your future. Whether it be same field of profession, be it the number of childrens to have, or be it your favourite pizza, these are the things where you share your happiness together, deeply and truly.

You learn something new from each other. Whether it be teaching you how to use chopsticks, whether it be financial planni g for future,whether it be ice-skating. As long as something new comes your way, the spark between you is always onn. Amd you gain respect for each other.

Learning new things and cherishing it makes you grow internally. You both have some special skills which you can teach your better half and master it together.

9. Attraction is 70% SEXUAL and 30% MENTAL

Yess, thats true! When looking for a partner you just don’t say “I love you” to anyone. You may have seen something sexy in him which ignited the spark inside you.

And for boys, while proposing a girl you too analyse the things that match between you and only then you take the step. Compatability plays a crucial role in any relationship.

Also, when in a relationship, your soul’s conntection and physical satisfaction is as much important as your major life decisions. And mentally too you should connect well, because that is where the connection is complete- and your MIND and HEART meets.

10. Shares same qualities

There is a reason why, novelist marry novelist, CELEBRITIES marry CELLEBRITIES, CA marriy a CA, a businessman marry a businesswoman, etc etc etc, they share a common interest. And that is the ROOT of their relationship.

11. Brings out the best in you.

One question you should always ask before choosing your life partner is that, “Does this person make me any better?” 

You are great, no doubt. But in life you find someone who brings out the super best version of yourself. The stone which was completely untouched and which you were completely unaware of. Like you never knew that you not just “liked” but “loved” playing guitar when she made you work hard on “play an instrumental” for her on her birthday. 

Or when he told her to “Dance romantically” with him on the valentine’s day.

12. Loves your family.

Yess… Loves and not “Likes”. Likingbis a different thing. Love is what you need to sustain a relationship. And love not just between you, but between Him/her and your family.

The word “Our” Family is important. There should never be a situation like he only accepts you and not your family. Thats a strict NO NO! You do a lot of things for him, you leave your house and get into a all new world, you sacrifice so much, so he should not think just because you are with his family, your priority has changed. You love and miss your family even more. So he should instad understand that and find ways to surprise in-laws and make the relation with them cheerful and happy.

Same way, He also loves his family like the way you do, so if he does something BIG for his family then you should happily accept that because whatever he is, is because of them.

To sum up, there should not be any discrimination as to “My family” and “your family”, the word “OUR” just fills up the gap perfectly.

Dependability is crucial.

Trust is the root.

Problems are the locked door.

Happiness is the key.

Happiness comes from a happy relationship.

“The heart wants what it wants, there is no logic to it. You meet someone and you fall in love and thats that. -Woody allen.”

You survive tough times and rough winds and along the way you make memories. Memories to cherish and share. Choose a partner wisely, “who you think, you could bear for life long” (pun intended).

Happy. Alive. Pure. Blessed.

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What is the “Love tip” you would like to add, what do you look for in your future spouse? Add in your viee points in the comments section below.

See you soon with a new post, until then “, Stay strong, and keep making memories!”

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54 thoughts on “❤The Qualities of a Potential Life Partner ❤”

  1. I don’t make lists😀 I don’t look for qualities, for me it’s simple – or there is love or there isn’t, or I fall in or I don’t… I think that the more things you put on your list the more you close your heart and let your mind choose… and anyhow we always bump into somebody we need to bump into 😄 I trust life, I trust my intuition, I love because I love

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Everyone has their own view point.
      Its true that you fall for someone at the very unexpected point of time. BUT BUT BUT even when in a relationship we consider different aspects and life situations before commiting each other forever. That was my point.
      And hey! Felt great that you shared your view point. I appreciate that @loveitnow
      Happy weekend!😍✌

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Of course everyone has a different view point 🙂 and I know what you mean – sometimes there is a big love but because of other things it is impossible to be together but I believe that everything comes the way it needs to come and I prefer to follow my heart first and then see what happens than to make selection before I meet anyone. We have two extreme point of views, the truth is probably somewhere between 🙂 Happy weekend!🌹

        Liked by 1 person

  2. These are all lovely and make a wonderful wish list. Most people aren’t quite so perfect, so there is also a need to recognize and accept that relationships are journeys with hills and valleys, things that we appreciate about each other, and things that we tolerate because the good parts are worth it. I never forgot the parable about the man who searched for decades for the perfect woman, and when he finally found her, he asked her to marry him. She said no because she was waiting for the perfect man. 😀

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thats true!
      We’ll have to cherish the imperfections of our better half, accept it and make each other stand even stronger.
      Relationships are never complete without a touch of imperfection.
      Btw thanks for your view point Mr. Wallace, i’m glad and I appreciate that.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. This is a good list with many excellent qualities. We all have our priorities and it’s important to be clear about them. It’s interesting how things change with age. When I was younger, attraction was more sexual and physical. As most people get older, attraction becomes more mental and more about the heart and soul. Of course, sex is often one of those compromise areas. When I was younger, I drank alcohol regularly. Now, my husband and I have outgrown the need for alcohol. Respect, honesty, and kindness are my priorities now.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That sounds great, you both have outgrown the need for alcohol. A move towards better life.
      And yeah, sex is most of the time a compromise area, but when we are comfortable with one person we overcome that situation too.
      This was a very detailed and logical reply. Glad that you stopped by my article.
      I appreciate it.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. I think the key is you find someone with the same values and priorities as you. They are what will build the foundation to a lasting relationship. Good list though to have so you do know what your priorities are. Thanks for the follow.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thats true. Your partner should blend in with your priorities that indeed leads to a lasting relationship.
      Great addition @karina
      Stay connected!
      Keep posting, keep inspiring!


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