Almonds are referred to as ‘Opportunities’ here!!

In Life, when opportunities knock your door, don’t lay back and miss them, instead ‘Get Up’ and ‘Grab Them’.

The Opportunities which you get, roast it brown (Work Hard on it) and the almonds would be worth cherishing for.

“The Brown Almond”, is all about grabbing the “Precious!” (Roasted Brown) Opportunities (Almonds) of the day, the moments, which brings out the best in you (or the best for you) ahead of life.

Be “Creatively Inspired” always. Try to achieve more each day.

What would you get @thebrownalmond ?

Everything related to Love, Health, Wealth, Food, Lifestyle, Books, Movies, Travel, Friends, Memories, from the author’s perspective.

Everyone in this world wants to learn something new continuously, because you want to use your creative juices towards something that matters, both to you and the world. One wants to move to the NEXT Level.

So knowledge is something you gain “along the way” through personal experiences and “Reading”. I’ll share my piece of learning and experience to you guys, so that in some way it touches your life and also adds up some value to you.

Yo! My name is Akshay Iyer and I am keen to share my Experiences and piece of advice.

How did this all start?

Well, in November 2016, I made a resolution to write my daily journal where I used to watch something new and write about the experience in my E-Diary. This became a habit and I went keen on learning something fresh and new to me. So after few months in March 2017, it struck to me that “I Love writing, I write daily”, so why not start a blog and share it with people of same Interests. The “Hash tags” are an important part of my blog, from which people of same Interest can connect with me.

So yeah !! That’s the motive. To Inspire and Be Inspired.

So my friend – “Find Your Wind, And Take The Flight”.

And hey, thanks for being here.

Genuinely Appreciate it…and you..!!