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❤The Qualities of a Potential Life Partner ❤

We are still unaware of what is in the store for us in future. Yeah! That's life. As young adults we may not be knowing as to who we are going to marry, still we have made a pretty good list of qualities we are searching for. And if you are in a serious relationship… Continue reading ❤The Qualities of a Potential Life Partner ❤

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🏖🏝Exploring the World⛱🏞

"Everyday is a journey, and the journey itself is home" - Matsuo Basho Travel makes a few happy, while the other few feel it burdensome. Whichever side you are, TRAVELLING is unavoidable. So look for the fun stuffs in it and try to cherish your travel and your life even more. Get some great stories… Continue reading 🏖🏝Exploring the World⛱🏞

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Hola amigos, The summer is here. And it is damn HOTTER this year, hotter than beauty queens of the world (pun intended). But yeah, on a serious note, this is the season which alot of people dislike(including me) and there are "N" number of reasons for it. Like from dehydration to tan to pimples to… Continue reading 🍹🍸JUICE-IT-UP🍧🍉