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❤🌄”A Dream within”🏰❤- (A Story hidden inside a story).

There is a short story hidden inside this story. Read till the end and find the hint box for more.🎁 SHE is a chirpy and cheerful girl who loves to keep a small friend circle and do all the fun stuff she could with her small group of friends, like dancing, acting, travelling, partying and… Continue reading ❤🌄”A Dream within”🏰❤- (A Story hidden inside a story).

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True Friendship is GOLD

👫"Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: "What, you too?" I Thought I was the only one."👫 - C.S. Lewis Best Friends are life❤. They act like your brother, sister, father, mother everyone as and when the time demands. (I'm remembered of my old college days when our best friend… Continue reading True Friendship is GOLD


🍕🍹🍟Forever Foodie🎂🍷🍨

A Foodie from mind - A Foodie from heart. The signs you love to eat goes much beyond the regional and political boundaries. And there is no preference for food as such, you love to taste every delicious item in you way atleast once. Being a foodie makes you fat? NOO! Get out of the… Continue reading 🍕🍹🍟Forever Foodie🎂🍷🍨

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❤Stay in Trend. Stay in Style❤

He wants to be cool. She wants to be trendy. YOU love styling. Don't you?? Being "Stylish. Trendy. Classy" is the new generation's motto. As they say, "Fashion fades, but the style remains". Because its the style which creates long lasting impression. Style is important! And styling the correct way is what makes you stand… Continue reading ❤Stay in Trend. Stay in Style❤

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Movies.🎬 Delicious Food.🍕 Memories.😍 Who wouldn’t love that??

Do you prefer taking your partner on a ''Movie + Dinner'' date on a weekend? Wanna have some super Interesting weekend (Instagram pictures and stories to tell for) ?? ''Friends, Movie, Some delicious food and a drive'' , does this plan sound super interesting ?? Just Go and Book your Show. There are lot many… Continue reading Movies.🎬 Delicious Food.🍕 Memories.😍 Who wouldn’t love that??