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True Friendship is GOLD

👫"Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: "What, you too?" I Thought I was the only one."👫 - C.S. Lewis Best Friends are life❤. They act like your brother, sister, father, mother everyone as and when the time demands. (I'm remembered of my old college days when our best friend… Continue reading True Friendship is GOLD

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Hola amigos, The summer is here. And it is damn HOTTER this year, hotter than beauty queens of the world (pun intended). But yeah, on a serious note, this is the season which alot of people dislike(including me) and there are "N" number of reasons for it. Like from dehydration to tan to pimples to… Continue reading 🍹🍸JUICE-IT-UP🍧🍉